Circlo Weekly Digest #2 – Sneak Peak


Circlo Weekly Digest #2 – Sneak Peak Into What’s Coming Up


Hey guys 🏻 as things start gearing up, I want to give you a sneak peak into some exciting things coming up. I’ll be discussing my personal experience with illusive design, its evolution, why dark patterns are misguided, illusive design patterns that I’ve been documenting over the past 3 years and how they align with a new ethical design framework that I’m developing. So stay tuned!

Sneak Peak

Snippet from the next article on the field of design: 

There is no field more dangerous than design.

Illusive design – a term I coined originating from the side effects of capitalism, is a distorted reminder that uses deception or enables self-deception to deplete our motivation through dopamine overstimulation, exploit our emotions through social status play and elevate cognitive distortions modifying our world view preventing us from realizing our legend.

From the author of dark patterns:

Deceptive patterns (also known as “dark patterns”) are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, like buying or signing up for something.

The definition of an illusive act and a deceptive one differ. Deception implies an instance to mislead whereas an illusive act is a distortion of the senses. The first argument is that a dark pattern is referred to as a deceptive interaction that exploits human vulnerability. To assume that a deceptive pattern is added intentionally without being part of the decision making team is not right. A better term would be to say that the pattern is illusive so that we can avoid assuming ill intent when it could very well be pure ignorance.

Illusive Interaction Patterns Draft 

Here’s an example of one of the many interaction patterns that I’ve been documenting over the years. 

Philosophical Art

I’ve created over 100 pieces of graphical art about the philosophy of illusive design and how we can conquer it.
When being chased by a lion in the savannah, our bodies stress response naturally kicks into gear. Releasing adrenaline… Learn more »
Two fundamental principles of my design philosophy is that dopamine and status are the core components to realizing your… Learn more »


Social Media Roundup

Unicorn social app IRL to shut down after admitting 95% of its users were fake.
Twitter’s new badges in grayscale.

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03 July 2023: The beta is under development. The blog has been redesigned and will be launched this week!. 

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