Illusive Design Pattern


Anonymity makes it much more easier to bully others online.


Using the online disinhibition effect to influence different behaviors online compared to offline.


  • Enabling freeform anonymity.
  • Cyber-bullying.
  • Trolling.

Post-AI Altruheuristics

  • Confirmation Bias
  • Conformity Bias
  • Negativity Bias
  • In-Group Bias
  • Herd Mentality Bias
  • Affinity Bias
  • Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Exclusion: Avoid alienating users through FOMO and polarization.
  • Status Play: Avoid manipulating emotions by creating urgency through envy, conformity, elitism and money.
  • Values & Boundaries: Guard the user's self esteem and identity.
  • Trust: Eliminate misinformation, hypocrisy, bots, fake news and strive for transparency.
  • Truth: Avoid distorting reality through survivorship.
  • Escapism: Avoid harmful time-sucking, non-productive experiences.
CBT Distortions
  • Polarization: Seeing things in extreme, absolute terms without considering the middle ground.
  • Labeling: Avoiding negative labeling based on specific behaviors or making sweeping character judgments from isolated incidents is essential.
  • Always Being Right: Insisting on being right in every situation and refusing to consider alternative viewpoints.
Circ's Principles
  • Balance: Always think about keeping the user in allostasis.
Mental Health
  • Psychopathy: Minimize the possibility of ghosting.

Pre-AI Heuristics

Dark Patterns




Graphic Design


Don Norman Principles
  • Mapping: Anonymity isn't realistic.
  • Constraints: Safeguards are not put into place to limit online disinhibition.
Jakob Nielson Principles
  • Match Real World: Same as mapping.